for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

five rabbits from Snow Country chasing a red dragonfly

Or my title should be

five rabbits from Snow Country got lost in Madison chasing a red dragonfly and flew and flew to Vancouver

My friend, Melissa Allen’s prize of a book finally arrived yesterday, the bubble envelop dented, its edges wavy–signs of that long flight from the opposite side of North America! I fought to disentagle the two-inch tape that secured a package which when I pulled out glowed as the sheer treasures that they are.

Melissa did not only give away her second copy of the more exquisite UNESCO edition of Yasunari Kawabata’s “Snow Country”, she also enclosed two hand-crafted rabbit new year greeting cards, one of them a rabbit origami, the other a cut-out rabbit coated with tiny blossoms and butterflies on hand-made paper; and three creatively picked cards–one of them a cut-out from something like a children’s book, and another a 1909 cottontail rabbit postcard hazed by the sepia of years ( I now have in my possession a 102 year-old postcard!). I regressed, as childlike I held them close, peering into the rabbits’ eyes.

And oh, she lovingly wrapped the book in blue pastel petal prints and tied it with a matching blue string. Her dedication wasn’t written plainly on the title page but on a cutout of yes, an unusual breed of brown rabbit.

Here they are in the order Melissa arranged them so I could unfold the haiku messages on friendship she had handwritten :

card no. 1

greeting and haiku

new year
a new friend becomes
an old friend

rabbit #2 folding away/the year/paper rabbit

rabbit caught among my winter roses

haiku and quote of a dialogue between two rabbits

new year
opening the door
for a friend

“Can I come in?”
said the bunny.
“Yes,” said the bunny.
And so he did.

rabbit #4

rabbit #5

postmark and clipping on the cottontail rabbits-

Year of the rabbit
I give away
the litter

The Cottontail Rabbits (Sylvilagus floridaus and relatives)
Several kinds of cottontail rabbits, and their allies the brush and swamp rabbits which lack the conspicuous “cotton tail” range collectively from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. These denizens of the briar and brush patch afford pleasure to those who love to watch them when at rest, or their headlong dash for cover at the least alarm.

"Snow Country" unwrapped

title page

New Year–
last year’s mistakes mended
with snow patches
–Melissa Allen (“red dragonfly”)

If this is not a shower of all the blossoms I can’t name that rabbits brush in their search for carrot patches, tell me how less lucky I am–more so with “red dragonfly” friends

winning the race
rabbit number six switches tag
with number one

For me from hereon on every…

first snow–
the rabbits’ fur


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