for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

sudden hail/distant thunder/overcast (my three haiku at Multiverses first issue)

“I have become more attached to these particular haiku than any others I have ever read, most likely due to the time I spent with each poem and the fact that I personally selected them as my favorites from the many submissions we received. Some are safe but well-crafted while others are daring yet unconventional. Regardless of their ‘place’ in the haiku form, they each stand on their own as haiku poems of merit, and, in my opinion, deserve to be read and appreciated. I hope you come to enjoy them as I have.”                                                                                          

—John Hawk, Haiku Editor

sudden hail
among my silk scarves
a silverfish

distant thunder
the flagstones
fading away

an orange scarf flails
on the clothesline

Multiverses 1:1 June 2012

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simple truths (for One Shot Wednesday)

simple truths rest
on stamens those succulent fibers
engorged by tears
the taste of sea spray

the sense of touch
defines homo sapiens on cheeks
the sweetness anthers hold the pollens
grow filaments on nose tips

smell to beasts like men feeds power
sniffing a cluster of lilacs
the mind sees indigo
the dye of death reeks of weakness

only a distanced eye
sharpens the heels of Lady’s Slippers
only fingertips fit the godhead’s
vacant smile

blistered palms could crack the lightning
break a thunder into a storm
but tongues roll clouds into balls
pelt the lips of magnolias

distend the petals
let shatter into a mesh
of distracted grace

our reasoning

Posted for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry, winner of the 2011 Shorty Award for the Arts, a gathering of poets and artists sharing their art, nurturing each other. Check us out.

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mist/deepwinter/thunder in the copse–v-day haiku but no ‘heart’ as kigo (for One Stop Poetry, also my 13th,14th,15th NaHaiWriMo)

too wet on cheeks
to be a kiss

deep winter—
bundled up we search
for each other’s eyes

thunder in the copse
a vow

‘Heart’ as kigo is missing here but it’s hinted at. Does Valentine belong to Japanese haiku tradition? I believe it’s not though I don’t really know much about modern Japanese haiku. Perhaps, it has included it as a kigo. Here’s what I think comes closest to it–the courtly tanka in its purest form like this tanka from Thomas Gurgal’s Japanese Tanka, The Court Poetry of a Golden Age, first posted here under grey relentless rain (is it tanka? 02/07 2011) ‘I am comforted’ page 41:

I am comforted;
Now wordly impermanence
Seems unimportant;
Seen in the depths of your eyes,
The warm eternal darkness.

Posted also for One Stop Poetry’s Saturday Celebration of Valentine’s Day. Check us out!

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