for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

My haiku in Sketchbook 7 “pond life” kukai thread March/April 2012

between us in the pond bed
a gold carp

still pond
a mirror the span
of our wings

we slink around sun spears
in dappled lagoons

virgin’s halo
in the punctured pond
a rock shard sinks

skinny dipping
with our burdens
pond turtle

the sound of bubble
from a carp

stretching its neck
as if to measure our sky

Editor’s choice with commentary:
Bernard Geitske the temptation to philosophize or explore one’s being is very strong

dry sedge
i wonder if dragonflies

the miles
a water stryder covers
my mirrored sky

Editor’s choice
John Daleiden for “a potpourri of nature”
Bernard Gietske for “beautiful pictures, still and action shots one might find”

mayflies in the pond
the persistence of clouds
to stay

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deep in a pool (tanka though still not sure)

deep in a pool
a school of tadpoles wriggling
inveigles my thoughts
of a summer evening
to fall in love with a frog

It’s strange how thoughts take on an unintended form or lines simply write themselves out as if they simply ooze out of fingertips like this tanka-ish reflection. The image emerged from a ginko walk at the Chinese Buddhist Temple in Richmond we of the Vancouver Haiku Group had a month ago. The ‘pool’ is the bonsai pool but not tadpoles, instead a school of gold fish darted through moss covered stones. So why the frog? I had thought of Basho and the frog then out of nowhere or perhaps the stillness water always brings on in me as in that morning while gazing at the depth on the pool invited the frog to my lines…how strange and unexpected thought processes can be sometimes.

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