for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

romance in haiku (with prompted items from NaHaiWriMo wall)

packing for one
our toothbrushes

morning waves
lapping on our toes—
in a wink sunset

the lake
a hand clasp

arrival gate
blur of a hundred faces
except yours

end of winter clouds–
their heartbeats the only sound
between them

between patches of night sky
a pregnant moon

Numbered items from NaHaiWriMo wall. Romance in haiku because of its compact, disciplined form reads more intense for me, more compelling from what’s unsaid. What do you think?

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pregnant moon

pregnant moon
out of dark clouds into the light
on to my turns

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summer evening pickings-haiku

Like a bonus, these ‘summer evening pickings’ , these haiku moments swept me on my walk this early evening. I suppose I deserve a ‘jornal’ of $1000–not a small jackpot on Canada Day (tomorrow, July  1st).  Thanks to ‘poet upinvermont’, I really seem more attuned.


delayed arrival–

a pregnant moon hangs

on a summer sky


by the gate

she stops to smell a rose–

monks chanting matins


hydrangea blooms

over the fence my eye-level

children’s portrait


empty white chair

on a front lawn at dusk

a dog sniffs its legs

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