for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

deeper haiga

than echoes
our heartbeats

The image is an unsigned framed watercolor painting the size of a picture that I found in a second hand bookstore.

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romance in haiku (with prompted items from NaHaiWriMo wall)

packing for one
our toothbrushes

morning waves
lapping on our toes—
in a wink sunset

the lake
a hand clasp

arrival gate
blur of a hundred faces
except yours

end of winter clouds–
their heartbeats the only sound
between them

between patches of night sky
a pregnant moon

Numbered items from NaHaiWriMo wall. Romance in haiku because of its compact, disciplined form reads more intense for me, more compelling from what’s unsaid. What do you think?

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Toward the unknown (One Shoot Sunday)

*composed from a photograph of Feininger, Andreas 1906-1999

The journey slices
into our landscape:
masses of time shaped
into probabilities
a curve of doubt teetering
on the side of smoothened mounds
–a solid time our past–
veering off its mirrored likeness
the now
careening to a zipped line
the unseen our eternity.

Our heartbeats stall
among fissures of rock
the chasm in our feelings.
Scarred we cease at thought
–the beat pulses unfeeling.
Our fears swarm as
sounds in our being:
a rhythmic splicing
a phantom hand cutting
in swaths its mode a sharp embrace.

We drive on into the now
to the unknown cruising
the air a fragile silk–
if we could but leap
this landscape among clouds
would be but maps frayed
in the edges as maps to nowhere:
our unknown
the only now we know
is infinity in our journey.

I posted this poem for One Shoot Sunday at the One Stop Poetry blog.

Join us – throw in your verses. Here are the rules (taken directly off their blog):

1. Write a poetic piece & post it on your blog
2. Then let us know about your post. Link back to One Shot
3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you’ve posted it.
4. Go visit others who have signed up! Offer support & encouragement. Share your love of words and insight respectfully. Please try to visit as many participating poets as you can. We all could use and appreciate kind feedback.

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