for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

“tilted sky” haiga at NTFG

Notes from the Gean December 2012

Notes from the Gean December 2012


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enormity, my haiga at NTFG January 2013

enormity in and out haiga ed2

enormity in and out haiga ed2 

enormity in and out

a haiga at Notes from the Gean, January 2013

Colin Stewart Jones, editor

composed on my iPod Touch with Eastern drawing

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magpie gripes (another unpublished haiga, an experimental image)

magpie gripes

                    over empty skies

a haiga from my iPod, the third line being the image or what and how it is read as a composite

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deeper haiga

than echoes
our heartbeats

The image is an unsigned framed watercolor painting the size of a picture that I found in a second hand bookstore.

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the wind we chase haiga

the wind we chase
traps us

haiku: alegria imperial
image/photo: eleanor angeles
detail of bronze sculpture at the NY Botanical Garden fountain

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hummingbird haiga (found in New York)

who senses me
when I’m gone?

haiku: alegria imperial
photo/image: eleanor angeles
found haiku at New York Botanical Gardens (in The Bronx)

First posted separately at NaHaiWriMo under ‘migrating birds’ prompt by Pris Campbell

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harvest moon (haiga6 for 19 Planets Art Blog)

harvest moon haiga, my second water color attempt for 19 Planets Art Blog

harvest moon
melting banks of darkness–
our silent walls

I like the haiku which the artwork prompted. This process, as Rick Daddario keeps saying, has turned ‘way way fun’, for me. I do have a vague landscape in my mind before I start playing with the water color pencils (that I chose as medium for easy handling) at first, but something else begins to take form with my first stroke and on to the next. As more colors waft on the frame, it is then, too, when the haiku, writes itself, as in this haiga.

I think it’s not a good one because the image describes the haiku. I believe that with this genre, they should be apart like strangers sizing up each other. In this haiga though, I, the author, slips in between them, bringing with me what I would wish the moon would do more than what we know it does. Also, a haiku as author-driven as this is termed anthropomorphic, if I recall correctly, and it isn’t quite a good haiku. Still, I like this haiga and I hope you do, too.

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‘buttonhole’ haiga4 for 19 Planets Arts Blog

haiga4 another clip art creation with Microsoft Publisher

fireflies sneak
into my dreams

Another post composed with clip art on Microsoft Publisher for Rick Daddario’s haiga-a-day 19 Planets Art Blog.

The haiku came out of a reflection about dreams and fireflies. How often like children do we wonder what makes what seems not possible possible like what makes a firefly glow in the dark. Science does explain it with a chemical they carry like luminescent creatures of the sea. We say, ahhh to that. But tell that to a child and she looks at air. Nothing there. I must have done it many times as a child because the wonder stayed. No matter how much I read now as an adult and discover answers to what once was unexplainable, I remain with the mystery and the dream. And for me, fireflies will always be those fallen stars I used to catch as a child and slept with one, if I did, in my tight fist, expecting it would still twinkle when I wake up.

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‘in the thicket’ (haiga for 19 Planets Art Blog made with clip art)

'in the thicket', my first ever haiga made with clip art

in the thicket
waiting on clouds

I think it looks awful, not artful at all! It reminds me of cards I pick up on shelves of thrift shops, the kind no one makes these days. But I have to try something. And I did with Microsoft Publisher, the only program I have that allows me to do some layout and a bit of art. Maybe I can learn to paint with the program because it’s possible. Still, I have to give it a shot and suffer through the birthing.

Thanks to Rick Daddario for giving me the spunk to do this.

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