for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

mementoes (when my haiku mutate into free verse)

through shedding arcs
up the sand hill down the slide
i make a short cut to my wedding

my veil tangled in a hail
of magnolia endings

six heads bob over the hedge but
a man selling balloons i pull up
a picture the sun

fades in my hand my ring turns
blue in autumn rain

i gawk on my mud-soaked feet
pigeons i startle whoosh up
spray the sky

as seagulls prancing stomp
on my impaled shadow

on my wall i let go of daylight
on the window ledge
my cabbage roses wilt

on leaf tips I glimpse my tears
dripping from my shredded heart

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how love is not spelled (two sequences)


on the wall—

scribbled notes

my bank of mementoes

on sand–

footmarks receding

let go of my shadow


prance a quatrain screaming

my loneliness

i step on

angels and unicorns

trapped in the snow

pigeons whoosh up

spray the sky, laughing

at my mud-soaked feet


my broken heart—

wilting like a cabbage rose

in a mulch bed

in the evening

dew on petals splatter

with my tears

under the moon

my fingers on keys–

a pulse


which letter comes first—

evening shower

on the window

a trickle

does not spell love

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