for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

Bones and me

my first (and all through succeeding issues)

*tomorrow still a house of knives

Bones, 1:1, December 2012

my last as Johannes S. H. Berg, editor announces a hiatus 

Bones, #22, March 15, 2021

(2 monoku sequence)

slippery truths 

splattered “I” shards but tinnitus chatter said of slippery truths

what frayed tongues possibly wrangled off arid infinity

here begins the march of derelict seasons spewed off cavities

found rotting on verbose nouns a myth un-clutched off insensitive verbs

 or could be the worn-out truth-chains distressed fingers unspooled

 encrypted in leprous walls a logic of sorts possibly condensed droplets 

no breath at all a weightless thud plying tin scraps of slippery truths

the broken humanoids’ lie divined as arterial glyphs lost on ears 

p 6

Alegria Imperial 


the candle wick I pared to its root now a towering flame

but shredded in air a hissing ember vanishing on sacramental rims

with quivering night lamps a swarm of pulsing heat in my 

sullen darkness /red shadows wakened in spurts the wavering breaths at vespers

on Fridays whispered agonies wet my beads of the 5th decade

a ruckus of nails scraping altar drips the heightened roil in my breast 

from its pared root the candle wick erupts on geyser verbs

lapping up the darkness the frayed seams of my veil 


Alegria Imperial 

(2 gembun)

a rift in beveled dusk 

suddenly I recognize the color greige half grey half pallor

lunes I once lost now gelling as a cloud lolling with me

seeping off the rift in swaths 

a faint mushroom sky my umbrella 


waken mid-route 

a raw chill stranded in the chiming wind moving with crows

my eyes sated on pockmarked clouds as if air

instead of marrow in my bones 

I shift focus to the sea my prison 


Alegria Imperial 

Bones #22 March 15, 2021


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