for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

being there (a haibun)

being there…it is the rhythm that’s constant it seems and not the stillness—the way the wind pulls and withdraws and the way the leaves sway and retract or how the clouds gather into masses and then dissipate into air or is it merely the eye that misses the jagged movements and edges and catches merely that moment when the rhythm shows and reassures us as in the constancy of flowers even as petals begin to brown and curl in the edges and fall, stripping the branches of their name because all we recall is their being there as in moments we have flowed into still flow into like on our early morning walks when

shifting tides–

the river unloading burdens

for us to decode

LYNX XXVII:I February 2012


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night fall (a sequence of one-line poems) and three single haiku at

Bones #21 Nov 15 2020

night fall  (a sequence) 


no one addresses darkness with due respect could be fear that pierces the eye


possibly only me in the bus siding with a squat ghost shushing roped shadows 


window framed mindless leaves burst on a breeze-storm grazing dust-coated rails 


up close whale clouds already crossing a night bridge day molting on a tail  


screeched brakes a baby’s howl rips the scrim maybe hunger just imagined 


roasted yam pressed garlic just guessing from the smell of a woman’s hair


scratching her ears probably over far off thoughts of an undressed chicken 

no one senses but still night falls hip-swinging on a scatter of desiccated seeds 


single haiku


un-deboned bent 

in adoration


tipped moon

in a saucer scanning

lost sonnets

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