for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

a beggar’s prayer


in the name of God who offers love,

who lets wings soar for free

like a sparrow i pray


i beg not for bread

for my spirit has no use

for crumbs that turn dust

in my quarantined existence


i beg not for words if thrown

like refuse—what seed

if it were stone could grow

on a mulch bed?


but I beg for eyes that open skies

hooded by grease,

a warm brew to douse my morning

to wash off the grit of my waking


i beg for arms the size

a home calls a hug a grip

to break the iceberg calloused

eyes have encased me


i ginger step to beg for a smile

on the slopes of indifference

where cheeks wall me in

to the emptiness


i beg for an answer to my prayer

the way God cups a broken sparrow

the way He lets a spirit soar

without begging


Sketchbook, ‘Let Us Pray’, 55 Sept-Oct 2011


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