for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

My haiku awards

Had been trying to put them all together and finally succeeded, I think. Here they are before I lose them…happy to share!


grey sky

the gull’s plaintive cries

fade into a wave


Fourth Place

Sea to Sky Haiku Canada Weekend contest May 17-19, 2019, Vancouver BC


autumn rain

the river carries

the sky



European Quarterly Kukai, Autumn 2017


dream catcher

the shifting colours

of dawn


3rdplace, European Haiku Kukai #12 Winter 2015


first tea with her—

cherry blossoms cloud

the skylight


Vancouver Sakura Award

2014 Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival Haiku Invitational


our breaths

suspended between skies—

monarch butterfly


honourable mention

2013 Diogen Autumn Contest



a whispered breeze

to the bamboo


12th International kukai ‘butterfly’ 115 haijin, 115 haiku, 27 countries

9th place (tie)


first dawn alone–

the widow eats his half

of the orange


Per Diem Daily Haiku

“Light and Dark”, December 2014

Per Diem Archiveon the Haiku Foundation Website, and the Haiku App.

First Place, free format category, Shiku kukai Sept 2013


pancake steam—

the thin mist on mornings

in a wicker swing


Zatsuei, Haiku of Merit

World Haiku Review March 2013


mixing bowls—

the shallow echoes

of bells


4th place 10th International Kukai 

January 2013


twilight rain

the blue heron mid-lake

somehow smaller


Commended, Traditional haiku

The Haiku Foundation’s 2012 Haiku Now Contest

Under the Basho 2013


winter solstice

the widow tightens

her braids


First Place, kigo* category

December 2012 Shiki* kukai (yava)


spring song

how it draws the heart

to reflection


Alegria Imperial, Vancouver, BC, Canada

3rdPlace, 1stBlossom Rain haiku My Photo Challenge, May 2012


stretching its neck

as if to measure our sky



Editor’s choice, Sketchbook ‘pond life’ kukai, March-April 2012

Commentary:Bernard Geitske

“the temptation to philosophize or explore one’s being is very strong”



our shrinking shadows touch—

harvest moon


haiku bandit society

September 2011 Dottie Dot Awards



we’ve left unsaid–

Indian summer


First Place, kigo category

July 2011 Shiki kukai


cherry blossoms

shedding petals at dusk—

moths in flight


Honorable Mention

2007 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Haiku Invitational and first published haiku




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