for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

Five of my choicest published/awarded haiku


rooting in the sky

a palm tree’s



counting star-bones, an e-chapbook, July 2018



fountain plume

on the boy’s tongue

a rainbow


Mayfly issue 64, 2018


autumn rain

the river carries

the sky



European Quarterly Kukai, autumn 2017


waiting for snow . . . 

his side of the bench



The Jade Pond Collection: Sun Yat Sen Gardens Anthology

Vancouver Haiku Group, November 27, 2017


part grit part fluff the foaming universe


otata April 2017



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five one-line haiku at Under the Basho

Just too excited to share my one-line haiku just up at UTB today and because it’s been sometime since I’ve submitted/accepted at UTB. Thanks again, Johannes

UtB 2018

my eyes on foliage-d sky withering at zenith

river-crossing a breeze wipes off my fate line

mom’s nestled cheek in a boy’s breast my lover’s roost

a fissured boulder at sunset could be me

night’s gritty breath a sky I can’t find…/one…/2439-imperial,-alegria.html

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the strange scent

of sunrise

the daily haiku October 20, 2012 (archived)


Please click on the link to see the page



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