for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

at bones journal–my single haiku and sequence


(I’m sorry, I can’t add color to the font anymore!)

single haiku


his stud pearl earring about a seahorse

damaged sky–
the clue
is in a shoe box 

Bones, July 2013

anatomy notes sequence

body matters
for mannequins
chopped off heads

knee plates bob
up and down
at cross purpose

lying down…slouched

stumbling block
for flat feet

no. 10—
a gag on his fingers
as with silk

his old organ
gasps a night song…
crossed out

a heart beat equals
flushed pee

whose dirty nail
bores a moon? 

green tongue
the consul’s deafness
to her pleas

body tag-
at blank hrs to island
of Langerhans


Bones 2 July 2013


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my haiku and coffeeku at cattails

I’m sorry for a long absence. I’ve been seriously writing, learning, and learning more haiku, its many forms and other Japanese short poetry forms. While these have been published about six months ago, hence, fairly recent, I’m now writing in one line, too. But meanwhile, these:


curled down
as if in fear…
her bare toes

white night—
a thickening stillness
in the cedar grove

into fog
the parallel lines
of parting



invidious the moth isn’t

onionson the twelfth bracket…yes


cattails, inaugural issue, Dec 2013



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