for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

How I tackled Alan Summers’ prompts at NaHaiWriMo last May

Here’s a week of responses to Alan Summers’ prompts at the NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing MOnth, which Michael Dylan Welch created at Facebook three years ago). YES, definitely, a daily challenge to write haiku has cranked up my mind or better yet, like a fit body, oiled it to resiliency. Writing with a group on cyberspace without the politics of bodily presence and its complications of commitments, has also made me fearless about risking my inadequacies–this turned out to be the secret to finding out who I am as a haiku poet as my lines do reveal. But who this is, until now, I can’t put it in a word…perhaps you can! Here then for you to enjoy, I hope.

#05/07/13 (green/gold/gone )

lunar eclipse—
his eyes on her frayed
jeans front

shattered eye what’s left of her mirror

gold leaf saint—
his indifferent stare

#05/06/13 (found as implied)

petal gust–
the street flutist’s
scrambled notes

under her hat…
the missing stubbles

tunnel spigot …the broken loo

fan tail on second thought

pointed fingers his guilt in black nails

#05/05/13 (echo)

through a cross stitch
of their argument…
her echo

spring echo–
the baby confronts
a Buddha

he smiles to his own smile
his other smile

#05/04/13 (den)

the den mother’s back…
murmuring cubs

den of iniquity he finds his own sky

reeking of prey the fox’s den

#05/03/13 (curve)

the curve in her thighs wind chart

the river curves
out by rote

curved furrows a worried moon

05/02/13 (blue)

blue dawn…
the rain’s last phrase
on a glass pane

05/01/13 (asperity)

next I look…
the staccato scratching
of his rake

tea rings in my cup the grumbling darkness

on gravel
a day moon’s


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“tilted sky” haiga at NTFG

Notes from the Gean December 2012

Notes from the Gean December 2012

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My 2012-13 published haiku…I hope you like them!

selected published haiku (international haiku journals)

her stiff lip

breaks into a smile

clown for hire



on hooped earrings

bag lady’s air


weaving in and out

of whole conversations

his Pinocchio nose

LYNX June 2013



a restless dream

stalks the moon

moongarlic ezine 1:1, May 2013


moss bed

a moonbeam sits

on my lap

A Hundred Gourds May 2013


bilingual haiku



nakabaklay kaniak ti napilay

nga Apo Init



perched on my shoulder

a lame sun


panaglunag ti niebe–

agririn dagiti billit

gapu ken Apo init



sun sparks a row

among the wrens


sabsabong ti sardam

agararudoken kas mabain

ti duduogan a bulan


dawn flowers—

creeping away as if shy

the old moon


ranitrit dagiti kawayn

iti baet ti danarudor didaya–

arko ti kanta dagiti bulilising


bamboo creaks

between a roaring in the east–

an arc of bird song

kernels 1:1 April 2013


between us

a pie cut

of infinities

Notes from the Gean, April 2013


still pond—

not a hole in the sky

I swallowed


Notes from the Gean, March 2013


turtle pond

a girl shares unshelled


One of seven in a four-week run of 28 as contributing poet at DailyHaiku’s Cycle 14

October to March, 2013


tomorrow still a house of knives

Bones 1:1 December 2012



an orange scarf flails

on the clothesline

Multiverses 1:1 June 2012


figuring out

wintry patterns

fretwork sky

Daily Haiku Selection Mainichi, Japan

Feb. 20, 2012

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What a vivid sensory experience this column item by Stella Pierides wrote in Note from the Gean’s ‘haikumatters’!! It rumbled through my mind, exciting me to think indeed what map do I have? And here it is: “Oh, the map I use? It’s uncharted and unnamed. It’s wild woods and a black forest. There are lakes and pools but also bogs, smokey in the deep. Unless ‘I find a flower I can name’, it’s hard even for me to find my way back. Birds sing and talk but mostly unseen except the owl. Sometimes, he reveals their name. I’ve taken notes but forget about them the moment I walk in. The map is always new, uncharted and unnamed. I know it’s not good but maybe the owl will help someday somehow.”

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Haiku favorites of mine and of other poets from the 2013 NaHaiWriMo month

Dear followers and readers,

I’d like to apologize for a ‘long absence’ here. I could give you a thousand reasons but none would make up for the time that had flown by. In that flow, however, I had gathered more skies, more suns rising and setting, stars, fallen petals and laughing fishes, herons and gulls and countless sighs. And in them or because of such harvest, my haiku, tanka, haibun, and haiga have taken wing onto wind paths I couldn’t have imagined. Most of all, perhaps because I persisted, my haiku writing has grown stronger limbs with daily prompts at NaHaiWriMo (NHWM). Herewith then, like a ‘take home’ gift from a long trip are haiku by me and my choices by other poets during last year’s NHWM anniversary when founder, Michael Dylan Welch gives the daily prompt. He made us chose  favorites from ours and those of other poets–these are mine, of which I hope yours, too. Thanks so much for being with me all these years and for those who simply stumbled into here, welcome!


#04/02/13 (spice) 

First off, I’d like to thank you, Michael, for NaHaiWriMo, and for this year’s month, your concrete prompts that are so everyday, it was a challenge yet a joy to see them with a new eye. Second,  I’d like to say , “Many thanks, Pamela and Carole for choosing one each of my haiku for your favorite!!” Third, I wish to thank the many poets, a lot of them I’ve written with a haiku daily here (except for a few weeks that I couldn’t) for the past three years, flourishing in our community. Such joy to find not just a few of yours that resonate, nay, sun-splash on my way everyday. I’ve learned so much about and from you.

And now because I’m always overwhelmed and overjoyed, I cannot limit my choices to just one, of course,  except for mine. But I have gathered those of others as if they were mine, too! Indeed, as in one of the resources you posted here, Michael, haiku binds because we open up ourselves to and for its  lines. What greater bind is there than one that’s straight from one’s heart (spirit) and into another’s and into one’s own from another’s.


A favorite from mine though there’s about a dozen in my shortlist!


in curry rice, a past

she cracks open


Of others and like the process for mine, dozens in my shortlist!


orange blossom –

lifting her burqa

just enough


Eider Green


sleepless . .

the path from my bed

to the Pleiades


Sandi Pray


the secret door

to grandpa’s room

in grandma’s closet

wild roses


Stevie Strang


garage sale

my past fills

a stranger’s car


Michele Harvey



my rebellion 
taped inside 

a cardboard box


Scott Abeles            


father’s garage

the painted outline

of a missing tool


Bret Mars


a red mark

on her test paper . . .

Indian summer


Michael Dylan Welch



as her corsage


Haiku Elvis—Carlos Colon



the sound of moonbeams,

playing rocks


Ted van Zutphen

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