for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

Violette Rose Jones writing for a month at Notes from the Gean’s ‘haiku matters’ has been a great voice for us who are trying to learn more about this ever fascinating short form poetry. I’m sure you’ll agree. Here’s her last post on where to find what to haiku…


I envy people who have enough money to travel for a good ginko but sadly I am not one of them. A ginko is a very useful thing. There is a reason that non-haiku writers take a walk when they are blocked. That pop of inspiration we seek is available to anyone who can get into that delightful, trancey state that comes when we walk on our own. A good ginko is about getting out there and letting your mind interact with nature.

Now, I live in a town. I don’t own a car. I can’t out into the country and enjoy nature as most people understand it. The thing is though, we can never ever leave nature, we only think we do.  Nature is everything. It is the trees outside your house, the cars and buildings in your street or the stack of books on your shelf. Everything we…

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The last of my haiku in DailyHaiku’s Cycle 14

February 23, 2013

palm reader’s eyelashes my fortune in a hat pin


February 22, 2013

wall portraits—

I begin my yoga count

from the top


February 21, 2013

turtle pond

a girl shares unshelled



February 20, 2013

first stanza . . .

the missing subject

is a snail


February 19, 2013


in a fishbowl . . .

stray moon


February 18, 2013

what if

beneath footfalls

an egg laid


February 17, 2013


a raindrop hangs on her gaze—

Black-eyed Susan

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Thank you for staying with me in this haiku journey

(artwork is mine from a doodle play on my iPod touch)


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