for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

My comments in here:

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  1. aloha Alee9. I chance saw this on a chance encounter from another site. I didn’t read it. I didn’t get past the first paragraph or so. because I saw you reblog it here, knowing you, your veracity, I read it. insightful keen. it may take me a while to assimilate what is here into what I do. it is still a direction I want to push into and slather around through my skull. paintbrush tip spot on. thank you for the reblog. and insight. I have begun to take on your “personal” sense in haiku more and more and appreciate that insight as well. be well.

    ink splat paper
    my inner onion layers
    seep to surface


    Comment by Rick Daddario | February 27, 2013 | Reply

    • Ooohhh, Rick!!! How lovely to hear from you!

      I’m sorry it has taken me this long to respond. I’m lost in too many woods these days, trying too much to learn, I think–and I love how you describe it, ‘slather around into my skull’–and meanwhile, neglecting my first loves, like this blog, in gray lonely flutter. Yes, I’m beginning to know more about myself (how strange to say that!) but I now realize, I’ve been wafting about because I wasn’t quite sure of who I am. It turns out I’m daring with my lines, words and images so much so that I’m now fearless of un-acceptance. We’ve discussed this early on, and I so admire your staunch ‘paintbrush tip’ firmly straight on.

      I’ve seen your recent works, too, in some journals (yeheey!!). But I see you’re quite still choosy though in 19planets you’ve churned out more galaxies!!! Thank you for your watchful eye on my emerging haiku sense and appreciating it. We’ve held hands early on in our foggy dawning–such moments ride with us for always. No, I haven’t forgotten about our ‘moon’ project. I’ll put together some and send them to you in time.

      What an excellent haiku!!!

      spring sun–
      a pair of footfalls
      pause for a robin

      wrinkled sky…
      in the brambles I find
      a flower I can name

      Be well yourself, dear friend! Aloha!

      Comment by alee9 | March 15, 2013 | Reply

      • oh. i know i know how time and our energies work. you often teach me through your words and insights. i hope you know that. you often say things that stick with me for long months until i can grasp how they will come out in me. and they do come out. and i like how they come out.

        you are you. you are the best you there will ever be and i like that you.

        no worries about time, time does not matter, only people matter (yes a quote from a funnish movie—however a quote i like even so).

        yes, any time projects or things we’ve spoken about. i know how that works too. just let me know when it’s at the forefront of what you want to be doing and we’ll see where we can go with it. i always have plenty i’m trying to do. and way too much fun i’m trying to keep up with too.

        yes, again i see your ku in places and think, ah, i need to touch bases again. sometimes i do and sometimes the thought floats along with me.

        yes, i’m not often submitting work to journals. when i get so good that the journal asks me for something then i’ll be ready. i did submit to a literary and art “postcard” publication recently and was accepted there. it’s scheduled to come out tomorrow (March 16, 2013). it’s a newish place but they’ve been around i’m sure. and postcards are a format i like. so fun on that. i most likely will submit more.

        learning is a life long endeavor (imo). you can still of course be you and teach others as well as learn. you are a terrific thinker. that’s one of the things i like a lot about you and what you do.

        be yourself on. and fun on you too. . . .

        white blossom
        into transformation
        my butterfly


        Comment by Rick Daddario | March 16, 2013

      • Oh, dear Rick!!! Aloha and mahalo! Yes, I now know how to say it with the echo of a wave because I’ve just come back from Honolulu, midnight of Saturday, in fact. My sister and I were there for a week, stayed in a boutique hotel at Kuhio in Waikiki, and visited friends and relatives around Oahu and Waipahu, and of course, the North Shore beaches aside from Waikiki. What a blast of bird songs and blossoms I seem not to have seen before, or seem different from what I recall. You do live in paradise, Rick!!!

        Mahalo again, for your uplifting words about my writing–I take your every word. Apparently, my persistence has paid off! But truly, I’m finding my soul in contemporary haiku. The rebel that I’ve always been, I seem to be at my best when I veer astray. This view has also sharpened my observation faculty, seeing more of what I see than is obvious. I now feel more comfortable and confident with this.

        You and I have been in this together, Rick, and I truly appreciate how we’ve held hands. I’ve read some more of your haiku somewhere (is it the European kukai) and I love it!!!

        white bird
        down feathers on our step
        spell a name

        Comment by alee9 | June 3, 2013

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