for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

my ‘precious stones’ haiku thread on Sketchbook February 2012

It’s been quite a whirl for me as I tried to keep up with submissions and still failed to meet some including that of Sketchbook for February. These pieces for the haiku thread, in fact, got to the editor’s inbox a day after the deadline. I marked it as another flop but John Daleiden had kindly put it in…Working on the next deadline for April 19 now: ‘pond life’ for the haiku thread and ‘swing’ for the kukai. Check out Sketchbook from my blogroll. 


midnight sky

the glint of sapphire

on wet leaves


first meeting

her opal smoothness

in a handshake


diamond stud

rooting on her chin

unsaid words


her eyes

on the emerald display case

mid-sea calm


bishop’s ring

i kiss a ruby stain

on the martyr’s relic


waning moon

the scent of topaz



an onyx heart

in grandma’s jewelry box

hidden crescent


the sultan taps

the serpent’s sapphire eyes

ceremonial belt


champagne cabochon

her tears as he slips his mom’s

wedding ring in hers


candle fingers

the snake’s garnet scales

wraps her pinky


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