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From NaHaiWriMo: my random February haiku selection (the first year anniversary)

We, members of the NaHaiWriMo community at facebook had a blast last month to celebrate one year of writing a haiku a day. Yes, It’s been a year since. Most of us have stayed (I took a break twice for a few weeks). I can say how much I’ve learned about haiku while drawing out my ‘haiku voice’. What worked for me is its kukai-like format where we responded to a prompt everyday. But unlike the other kukai I join (Shiki, Caribbean and Sketchbook) that gives some time for a writer to compose a haiku, at NaHaiWriMo, the window is only 24 hours. And once a post is shared, the reading as well as the ‘like’ or the silence and a comment, if merited, also appears just as fast. The energy has worked for me. I’ve gained the discipline I’ve always worked at. I’ve gained friends and kindred spirits, too! Most of all, I know more of haiku now than the years I tried to learn it on my own. Above all, I think I’m writing better haiku; proof of it is the increasing acceptance of my submissions in haiku journals. Do this random selection of my ‘anniversary posts’ last month on prompts by Michael Dylan Welch read better? Oh yes, I haven’t pared down my posts to one, but to two haiku from the three and more everyday last year. Honestly, I haven’t reviewed my files for fear of an avalanche! I hope you enjoy this selection and if you do, come over at NaHaiWriMo and give it a try. You can blame me if you stay.

#29/02/12 (leap/leap year)

spring gust

and i but a wave leaping

to touch the sky


#28/02/12 (haiku generator)

haiku gen:

arrows seduce, strut

deliveryman quacks, meaty

pure dogs extrude, cool


deliveryman struts

into a flock of ducks

missing zip code


#27/02/12 (bad, ‘huh!’ haiku)

email subject ‘none’

squiggles on blank screen

dancing a Swan Lake

…and I had the gall to submit these to Peggy Willis Lyles (The Heron’s Nest) who sweetly sent them back with a note, ‘pass on this one’ and more to succeeding submission calls (without fail) always 15 per suite of these ‘huh’ or ‘yikes’ haiku, none of which worked until she died.

#24/02/12 (x)


ticklish below his navel

the Center of Man


#23/02/12 (wig)

through a wig

grazing her sparse brow

first smile


#21/02/12 (umbrella)


this tight

our crossed-eyes 


#20/02/12 (talus)


winds blast to dust

its face and mine


#19/902/12 (sandals)

his unshod feet

the redolence

of her perfumed tears


#18/02/12 (rattle)

still bush

a rattling

as it uncoils


#17/02/12 (queue)


a thickened queue

at the quay


#14/02/12 (nachos)

Nacho Supreme

not quite the red roses

she wanted


#13/02/12 (mountain)

Sierra Madre mist

our highways to nowhere


#12/02/12 (laundry)

white lies

doused with stain remover

i lose count


#09/02/12 (ice)

so hollow

his icy voice

on a glass


#08/02/12 (hat)

the mime

unfolds his hat

a falcon soars


#07/02/12 (grief)

lingering wail

hers or a mourning dove’s?



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