for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

new year/waiting on the moon

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 (21 December 1999)--- Astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery recorded this rarely seen phenomenon of the full Moon partially obscured by the atmosphere of Earth. The image was recorded with an electronic still camera at 15:15:15 GMT, Dec. 21, 1999.". Courtesy of wikicommons

new year

waiting on the moon

to bask in the sun

(Note:  current moon phase is waxing crescent or 38 percent full)


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the only sound (Happy New Year)

the only sound

a lamb’s ‘beeehhh’

first adoration

Happy New Year! Wishing you all dear friends, subscribers, followers and readers  the best of your wishes for the coming year. And thanking you for your kind, generous and wonderful support of this blog, your encouraging ‘likes’ and your uplifting comments. May we all find the new year a yet another fertile ground for being together in the spirit and joy of poetry

especially of haiku. 

Heart-fully yours,


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night hatching dawn (Merry Christmas)

sitting it out

with night hatching dawn

Merry Christmas


of the hundreds

in the forest, crow trims

a pine tip


twelfth day

my true love bakes for Christmas

a partridge in pear

Love, joy and peace to all of you dear jornales and wordpress friends.  We’re on to almost a whole year of sharing such message of the season with poetry. Blessed is how I consider myself having touched you all. This season as I’ve repeatedly said so, I’d like to thank you again. May the New Year find us even more deeply engaged in poetry, hence, in love, joy, and peace.

(Haiku are also posted at NaHaiWriMo  under the prompt ‘Christmas’. Image from my camera, one of my many shots–in the dark, literally–of the million lights spangled at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver every Christmas.)

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waning crescent

waning crescent
the widow draws in an inch
of her mantle

current moon phase from the haiku bandit society’s page. Check it out to read excellent moon viewing haiku…

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what’s it/for me…

what’s it
for me who can’t see?
sun patch

Truly an experiment. I’m pushing this poetic form to the edge, it seems to me, learning to risk my foothold–as if I’ve ever had a steady one. But I feel more comfortable in what I’m doing. This perhaps could be the right thing or merely the gateway to a long more arduous path. I can’t see it for now because of sun patches that veil it. But my heart does…here I go justifying myself with truths I once read like ‘it’s only with the heart that one can rightly see, what’s essential is invisible to the eye’ from Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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sea froth (my 340th post)

bottom to reach sky high
sea froth

It’s my 340th post! I never thought I’d get this far. But my fascination with poetry, especially haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry, has since turned into something akin to obsession, or it is already. None of my efforts to learn more and strive for better written lines would be for nothing without you, dear friends, followers and readers. If words do not fall on ground and felt, these turn into dust. But you’ve breathed half of the life I did to them. Thank you all!

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figuring out

One more for NaHaiWriMo on Stella Pierides’ weather prompt. Autumn, one of my favorite seasons, has figured out in quite a number of my haiku and free verse. The colors fascinate me no end, coming from a country where trees turn brown only if they finally die with no blaze of reds and golds. And when after autumnal winds strip the trees of leaves in a crazed dance, their bareness transform the landscape into pencil drawings where I find myself wandering, looking for the now lost sky. Under oak trees once, this haiku came.

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eyes locked

eyes locked

in adoration

my cat and i

His name is Divo, not mine but a friend’s though I sometimes feed him and his brother, Dili. Both are rescued cats–Dili wandering abandoned by his mother on a wayside in Dildo, Newfoundland and Divo, adopted from a shelter in Richmond, British Columbia to take care or be a companion to Dili, a pure white with blue eyes, who turned out to be deaf.

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bare twig (not just an image, thought or poem but more so a reflection…agree?)

bare twig
cradling an empty nest
first frost

also posted on NaHaiWriMo under ‘nest’ prompt by Stella Priedes

Notice why I always include ‘reflection’ as a category in my posts? Each post for me is indeed not just an image, thought, or poem but more so a reflection. Do you agree?

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how small we are

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