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‘from sedge’ haiga5 for haiga-a-day at 19 Planets Art Blog

from sedge haiga5

My fifth post for haiga-a-day challenge on Rick Daddario’s 19 Planets Art Blog. I’ve ventured this time into creating my own artwork. I’m saying so as a caveat for the crudeness of this watercolor attempt. I mentioned that I did dabble in drawing ages ago but never did get an actual training. I had thought that reading a lot for the writing I used to do and interviewing great Filipino artists would work a miracle in me–what improbable thought, no? I guess I still do think it’s possible and so my daring to post this haiga:

from sedge
to sedge no stalk
firm enough
to hold a wing–

A five-line haiku? I’m not sure this is legitimate. And if not, consider this a draft then, along with the childlike drawing!


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  1. it’s yours Alegra, call it what you wish – that’s legitimate enough for me. i think reading and interviewing great artists does help in our creative process. it can give us insight. our understanding of that insight may not show up in 5 minutes or 5 days but that exposure does make a difference and 5 years or decades later, suddenly something someone said may simply click into place and ah-ha – and our understanding becomes complete. it becomes validated. that’s when what the great artists have said or done, becomes yours. it becomes a part of what you do and who you are. because it is only valid if it has meaning for you. that’s the way i see it.

    so imo – all that reading and interviewing – that is part of your experience, part of your building yourself into who you will become. it has a place and it will help you.

    that said, skill and ability come with experience and practice in painting and drawing – and Doing – however that is not all there is to it. an artist can have great skill and ability and still lack spirit and heart and may be even soul in what they do, in what they create. some times we see ability and think that is the end goal. i do not agree with that. we can have great technical ability, yet if that is all we are showing in our work – then our work lacks spirit and heart and may be even soul.

    one of the things i’ve found in mail art is that even when people (because it is an art embraced by all people, all levels of skill) even when they lack a great amount of skill, they always put their heart into it. most mail art artists do this. it is those people with great skill that have to be careful when creating mail art (imo) or they may just slip back into relying upon technical ability as the highest point of creating. i do not think technical ability makes a great artist. a great artist may have great technical ability but if their work does not have spirit and heart and soul… i do not think it reaches the highest level of art.

    when i get the feeling that an artist is just showing off their skill – i loose interest in the work quickly.

    your work here, may not have a great amount of experience behind it, but it does have heart and spirit and soul IN the work. that counts for me. skill comes with experience and time – and doing – but if you loose your heart and spirit and soul in that process what does skill matter? all you have to do to gain experience is keep doing it. to keep your heart and spirit and soul in the work as you keep doing it – that is the higher goal (imo).

    yes, i like this. yes, you will learn things about how to do this or that in more powerful ways or more skillful ways as long as you keep working at it. …just make sure you keep your heart and spirit and soul in what you do and (imo) you will be fine – as well as gaining skill.

    for me, heart and spirit and soul – that’s what makes it fun. …okay, some skill helps – but really i’ll take heart, spirit and soul over skill any time.

    Comment by Rick Daddario | September 13, 2011 | Reply

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