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‘buttonhole’ haiga4 for 19 Planets Arts Blog

haiga4 another clip art creation with Microsoft Publisher

fireflies sneak
into my dreams

Another post composed with clip art on Microsoft Publisher for Rick Daddario’s haiga-a-day 19 Planets Art Blog.

The haiku came out of a reflection about dreams and fireflies. How often like children do we wonder what makes what seems not possible possible like what makes a firefly glow in the dark. Science does explain it with a chemical they carry like luminescent creatures of the sea. We say, ahhh to that. But tell that to a child and she looks at air. Nothing there. I must have done it many times as a child because the wonder stayed. No matter how much I read now as an adult and discover answers to what once was unexplainable, I remain with the mystery and the dream. And for me, fireflies will always be those fallen stars I used to catch as a child and slept with one, if I did, in my tight fist, expecting it would still twinkle when I wake up.


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  1. How good is that! You are doing wonders with clip art and you and Angie are seriously inspiring me to take up this challenge. But i cannot draw to save my life, nor do i have the confidence to keep it up for a month, so…:-( But i love what you are doing!

    Comment by sanjuktaa | September 11, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks again, Sanjuktaa! I didn’t know I could it myself either. But as soon as I stepped in, it seemed so natural to do it. I believe, as a haiku poet, because we always think in images, a haiga isn’t far behind our writing haiku. Just try to take the first step…draw a single curving line; it might turn into a moon! Thanks again!

      Comment by alee9 | September 12, 2011 | Reply

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  3. oh, yes. yes, i like this Alegria. the way i see button holes now… bwahahahahaha – altered. i’ll be looking for fireflies.

    wow, magic.

    i think you are speaking about the powerful element of mystery in a very perceptive way. exactly – when science can explain a mystery in a scientific way, with scientific terms AND yet the mystery for us remains – wow how powerful that kind of mystery. i like that.

    the more i look with eyes of wonder – the more i see the awe and ah and sometimes the ah-ha in the world – just looking to see but not always to explain away – the more awe and mystery and ah – and ah-ha i see. way cool. way fun, fireflies sneaking into dreams through buttonholes… ahhhhhhhhhh…. awe. ah-ha.

    Comment by Rick Daddario | September 13, 2011 | Reply

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