for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

3 haiku on heavenly bodies

shooting star
sneaks into my darkness–
your laughter

the Milky Way–
the arc of an embrace
on emptiness

can it possibly be the color
for a star?

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  1. these are all strong Alegria. i think i like one the most and then i read them again and i like another the most and then… yeah, i like these. they each go to such an individual place it’s almost hard to group them together. …even tho i know they do follow your “heavenly body” theme. they each surprise. each shape a light around ah-ha. yeah, i like these.

    Comment by Rick Daddario | September 7, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow, thanks again! I love what comes out myself when I’m not conscious of making them good. These are spot on haiku for a ‘new blog’. Truth is, I’ve saved some as drafts for submissions. Of the many themes I love, ‘heavenly bodies’ comes as a favorite–the moon, as you know belongs to it. If any of these three gives you a nice visual thought, you may want to use it as the haiku! Thanks again!

      Comment by alee9 | September 8, 2011 | Reply

      • yeah. the way i see it… we learn and watch and observe and we try to put these things into what we do. when we really have these things inside of us we do not need to make the conscious effort to put them in our work. we have to pay attention and be focused but they show up according to how they line up inside of us – what is important, what is slightly less important and so on.

        our process of growth and maturing is this back and forth learning and experiencing and then letting go and swinging through the jungle in our own way. it’s when we are doing it our own way that i think it becomes the most valid way for us to be. and that becomes fun.

        at some point we let go of everything because we are everything we have ever experienced or learned. all of that shows up in our work. if we allow it to come in it’s own way from within us, then it becomes uniquely ours – uniquely us.

        it takes some courage to do that tho – to let go and allow our self to be as we are, because of course becoming uniquely our self means there is no one else who is like us.

        not even we our self know what we are truly capable of doing or what it may look like when we create out of our own uniqueness. so we our self may have to “get used” to what we do. or work to accept and understand that we are the way we are and we are not like something else we have already seen. it’s not always easy to know what we think about things we have never seen before – it’s only after we’ve seen things for a while that we begin to understand and appreciate them. …or at least it often is…

        that to tho… can be fun, the way i see it – this all unique us. in fact that is the most fun – truly becoming me, the way i am. which i suspect will just about always surprise me just about as much as it may surprise anyone else.

        we will come back to collaborative work i think. for this month my schedule is mostly full with the one-a-days and other things i’m scrambling on. i know i have yet to respond to some of the things you’ve responded to in our collaborations. i believe they will come in time.

        so, yeah, just let go and let your work become the way you are (imo). that will be beautiful. …and fun too. aloha.

        Comment by Rick Daddario | September 9, 2011

      • Deeply wise! Perfectly written, unfurling like light at moonrise! I could quote each line to echo my own…but can I pull it this out sometime as a separate post? Why indeed do we need courage to be who we are? Why doesn’t a hippo need it? Or all the imperfect–in our eyes– deep sea creatures, some grotesque to us? Why do we need someone to acknowledge or agree to our uniqueness? But the answer to all that is within us, of course. Of all creation, only us, humans, exist in halves, and the other half to me is always a shadow that needs the light, or an emptiness that has to be filled…haha, this is going way beyond haiku or haiga!!! But let’s pick this up as we go one-a-days haiga-ing. Thanks again, dear friend!

        Comment by alee9 | September 10, 2011

  2. aloha Alegria – of course. that is, if i understand what you are asking – that you’d like to comment on this comment as a post – or as a take off point for a post. yes, i save some of my comments because… sometimes they seem to be things that give insight to the way i think, or i think they might be something i could write up that people might want to read in general, or sometimes… you know how i can talk story… and i see a story in my comment i think… oh, may be i’ll write that up someday too. so… of course feel free to respond to any of my comments on your blog – in comments or as a new post if it inspires something that way. cool.

    as to courage to be our self. yes, i think it does take courage. i think we are often trained to be part of a group. without realizing that we can be both – our self AND part of a group. part of the family of human beings.

    we dont really know if other creatures have this issue or not, but it would seem like they do not. i think this is a lot of what Tao or followers of Tao… seek. but i do not think i put it into words well. yes, animals follow tao effortlessly (or so it would appear) where human beings appear to have some kind of conflict in doing this and so have to work at it to not work at it. …yeah, not said well… when you explore writings on tao i think what i’m trying to say, becomes more apparent. oneness with being. with being our self.

    may be you are saying it the right way – we (human beings) exist in halves. the way half and the not way half.

    yes, this is beyond haiku and haiga. somehow, i feel like it relates with life and so do haiku and haiga.

    cool on our one-a-days. fun on. aloha.

    Comment by Rick Daddario | September 12, 2011 | Reply

    • So much to learn from you, Rick, dear friend…some things I seem to already know yet somehow from you sound different! Like the concept of the Tao.

      We, Asians, do live it, being closer it seems, to origins of everything so much so that barriers between humans and other creatures aren’t as solid as I notice in the West–or the parts that I’ve been to, anyway. Or perhaps, I was just not a native or inhabitant of such places. New York, for one, though I’ve discovered pocket areas in Manhattan that have wrapped me in awesome ways like a full moon on strips of sky between the needles piercing the ether. Or at a mountain resort upstate, a thick wild forest of giant conifers and a lake, heaving and sighing under windows in the night. I suppose not just me but many others are sensitive to the presence of the Tao in those places but don’t gush like I do…I always do, if not obviously, in my poetry, now in haiku, and even in a fun fun way, thanks to you, haiga!

      Yes, I’m letting go of who I am, and I believe I know who I am by now, and feel utterly comfortable for the first time ever. This is beyond haiku and haiga, as you say…beyond but not outside of poetry. And yes, not only do these thoughts relate to poetry, I believe it is the essence of all art: the artist losing himself or finding himself in the soul of Tao. Ooops, who am I saying these things? But again, I am who am, right? Thanks again!

      Comment by alee9 | September 16, 2011 | Reply

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