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believing/faces i miss (haiku on NaHaiWriMo facebook wall)

we’re walled in–
my goldfish and i

faces i miss–
some rain-washed stones
on neighbor’s wall

(re-worked haiku I posted on the still-on NaHaiWriMo facebook wall from a prompt by my friend, Melissa Allen: walls)

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  1. This is lovely!

    Comment by Mama Zen | April 22, 2011 | Reply

    • Oh, thank you, MamaZen!

      Comment by alee9 | April 22, 2011 | Reply

  2. aloha alee9 – these stop me and pull me to them. i like the “rain-washed stones”.

    at the side of the road
    gem stones

    Comment by Rick Daddario | April 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Wrick!!! Welcome back!

      I do miss our exchanges but I, too, have been busy spinning in ‘words’ and images and stumbling on real life. The NaHaiWriMo page has bitten me and I can’t seem to shake it off! The challenge has been addicting. Some days a prompted haiku comes easy, most days it doesn’t especially when you want something that works! Knowing that a whole community will read it makes me face a formidable stage. And it is a community that knows what haiku is. It’s been deeply satisfying to learn and ‘play’ along with a few beginners like me but especially with a lot of haijins.

      Thank you so much for loving this haiku! Again, it’s reworked from one that’s been declined. I love your version, too! And by the way, I also love what Melissa quoted of yours in haikuverse. Please do write more of it. If you think responding to another haiku works, then do come by again. Better yet, try the facebook challenge! Aloha!!!

      Comment by alee9 | April 28, 2011 | Reply

      • aloha alee9 – yeah. this vanishing thing happens to me every so often – no worries, it doesnt mean i’ve slipped off the face of the planet.

        yeah too, i was aware of the NaHaiWriMo prompts and thinking i’d join in… it just took me a while to get to where i could.

        a few days ago i spent one night catching up on Melissa’s blog with her prompts. about 20-25 ku. …not all of which would make it anyplace other than in a comment i’m sure. it was fun but i noticed as i approached the end (i worked backward from the 23rd of April i think it was) – i noticed as i got toward those first prompts of April i was slowing down.

        i think a few weeks ago (a month or two??) you spoke about “heart” in ku – that was you, right? i’ve valued what you spoke about a lot altho i know it’s not always there in my ku in quite the same way as you were speaking of it… it’s interesting tho, because for me if i have a connection to someone in terms of my reader/audience i feel the ku much better as a now moment and as from me. for now i’m counting that as heart.

        that way of working is why i suspect it’s easier for me to respond to someone in their writing or work than it is to just write a ku on my own. that’s not quite true because i do write ku on my own too. but i often think of someone when i’m doing that. feeling that other being there is something that is important to me. i find that interesting.

        uh-oh. you are about to enter a rambling…

        no. wait. we’re already IN a rambling. bwahahahahaha.

        yeah, i know what you mean about presenting ku to an audience you know, knows a lot about the subject. i find that i’m guarded when i think i’m going to present it to someone knowledgeable. i think i take less risks and probably end up being so careful that i actually show them not my best work. which is just about the exact opposite of what i really want to do. the thing is… if it’s really new and different… it’s hard to know if it will be accepted or even if it’s good other than by your own feeling for it. and what kind of criteria is that – i ask myself??? one where i have to learn to trust my own way, i suspect.

        i also find that when i first write, i tend to think it’s reasonably good stuff. but it’s really only after i dont see it for a month or two or a year or more that i can get a good feel on whether or not it’s making the grade. by then, whether it’s good or medium good or blech – i’m not so interested in it, because i’ve moved on to something else that i’m excited about and thinking, oh, this is better.. . sheesh..

        so i’m learning to just go with what i do and hope i improve in the body of what i’m doing rather than being overly concerned with each one individually in the moment i write it – or in the moment i submit it. yeah, i’ve been submitting a few here and there. altho i dont think it’s to quite the same places that you’re approaching with your work.

        there is a great value in submitting to places where you get excellent feedback from very good writers. for that reason alone it’s a very worthwhile thing to do. way cool that you are doing that (imo).

        i’ve thought about facebook. i dont have an account. mainly i dont have an account because i dont want to get drawn into something that slurps up even more of my time. hahahaha. so i’ve shied away from it and i’m trying to plug along on a few other projects in other ways.

        still… ku keeps pulling me and i enjoy it a lot. so… i’ll keep working at it and trying to improve. and yeah, i’ll probably leave a few here on your blog now and then if that’s okay with you. some day one of them might end up in a book or something else i try to do. that would be fun. aloha. and write on!

        Comment by Rick Daddario | April 28, 2011

      • Wow! What rambling! I love how you argue with yourself, Wrick! It’s like watching you draw lines on a self-portrait over and over and each line comes out different each time though soon after you draw it, it sinks into the canvass! I know how your talents seem to be rambling along with you. Yet, you have so much of it–your blog is so brilliant; your haiga should end up as a constellation in the haikuverse soon!

        I agree with how you feel when writing something to submit. I blank out often, too, when submitting to a kukai especially–which is why I send the most ‘yikes’ of my haiku and end up with zero votes. I guess the reason why the facebook site is working for me is the comfy feeling of being with peers who are there too not to vie for votes but to sit around as in a campfire and exchange not tales but haiku.

        Why indeed do writers especially poets need someone to read their poems back to them? Unfortunately the essence of writing it is to be read or heard. While our most important reader or listener should be our own selves, we cannot confirm our own existence or worth–or that would have no worth. What’s even worse is that, whoever should confirm it must be a total stranger, one who does not know the poet and who meets her only through her lines. Totally terrifying, isn’t it?

        I do wish I can escape from this entrapment I’ve self-caused sometimes. But there’s been no warning though epic lives of artists do expose this torture–the agony and the ecstasy in one breath. Not that I’ve experienced it to that degree, aspiring artist that I stll am, yet, I now often find myself a total mess.

        I’ve reminded you once before that once you let burst this ‘creative urge’, you don’t have a way of sucking it back in. And you do, enjoy it, as you say. Yes, do keep going–and please leave a haiku here. I know you’ll end up with a book someday! Write on, yourself! Aloha!

        Comment by alee9 | April 28, 2011

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