for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

quenched (cactus haiku prompted by the Haiku Foundation facebook site)

the cactus blooms
while i thirst
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prickly cactus
to me: ‘touch me not’
my thirst unquenched

desert air brushing my skin
for comfort

desert wind
its rough embrace hurts
but not for the cactus

pear cactus
cut in strips to cook
in its own water


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alien notes (for One Shot Wednesday)

in Vietnam courtesy of wikicommons

old suns, desolate breakfasts,
days turning on stiles, later
a trudge ending in a box
re-spelling obtuseness

words on words
soft as soufflé he hardly tasted—
so he left grinding dust, seeking
flashes in the desert

why songs fly
to him now sneaking between dawn
and moaning, silences between
gaping eyes the dead leave on strings, he
draws answers from skies,
grumbling about bomb spores–
songs he plucks off storms
alien to his longings

on his waist solid
steel tips waiting to fly
this sentinel
of rock burrowing on sands
lets old suns free
on his guitar

published as Poet of the Week, Poets Against War, June 2009

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