for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

dawn (agsapa): lyric poem

I take a break from my haiku to share an exhilarating moment I’ve had when my poem in Iluko, the dialect I was born with but never wrote with until now, was published in Bannawag, a vernacular magazine of the Ilocanos in northern Philippines.

Writing from the spirit for me is true writing. While I’m re-learning my tongue like a child, I find in it each time the soul of my expression. The source of my anguish must be its imprisonment in the tangled web of borrowed thought and language. But kneading them together now has allowed me bouts of sheer joy. 


(as featured poem in Newsletter, Spring 2010, with Iluko version as edited and published in Bannawag, the Ilocano vernacular magazine of the Ilocos region in northern Philippines, May 16, 2009 and English version as translated by the author)

in Iluko

dagiti bituen idi mangngegda
ti as-asug
dagiti bulong iti sipnget
dagiti pinatanor ti lawag
iti danarudor
dagiti agam-ammangaw

awan pakpakada
ti yuuli ti lam-ek
kadagiti di pay nabungon
a kaipasngay

dagiti nayaplag a bulong
bayat ti isasangpet
ti ulep a makapurar

dagiti hasmin
kas man la agpakpakawan

iti ima
ti maladaga
nagbukelda a kuentas
ti agsapa

(a loose translation with some nuances substituted as in some verbs, which in Iluko already imply a subject, and nouns that need no adjectives)

stars fell in the dark
among leaves
pining over lost suns–

that light birthed
drowned in the roar of the

a freeze crept,
the newborn

leaves whirled
onto a fractured cloud,
stars splattered, blinding
the lost

jasmine blossoms
as if penitent
shedding their petals

in the palm
of the newborn blossoms
bloomed into a garland for

Copyright (c) 2010 by Alegria Imperial


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chilly morning

chilly morning–

a whiff

of fresh grilled corn

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left turn

left turn–

crow struts ahead of me

the wrong way

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white morning

white morning

lost among the roses

my watch

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September morning

September morning–

rain leaks on the rose buds

of her bouquet

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maple twig

maple twig

turns  lemon hue in the rain–

i reply to summer mail

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folding beach mats

folding beach mats

the whiff of freshly grilled corn

this drizzly morning

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September twilight–for Peggy

September twilight–

waiting for sparrows

to share a song

for Peggy Willis Lyles on her flight to infinity. . . Thank you Peggy!


Last lines  to treasure:

Subject: submissionto

Hi Peggy,

I’ts been a long drought of haiku for me. But here I am, giving it a try again.


On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 10:07 AM, <> wrote:

 Dear Alegria, 

I’m in the hospital.  Would you please send these again in about 3 weeks when I expect to be fine?



Alegria Imperial to turtlerock

Show details Jul 11

Oh nooo! I hope you’ll be fine and I do wish you well. I’m sending you Aureola cascade thoughts flowing into a pool. May the quiet ripples heal you.

I’ll re-submit my haiku in Aug. or early Sept.

 Take care.


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