for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

stealing an ‘aha’ moment

I pulled this reply out to a comment of poet upinvermont, Patrick G, to sort of give a glimpse as to how a haiku moment comes or what an ‘aha’ (thanks to Jane and Werner) moment is for me.

“For my haiku to meld in the gentle sway of grasses as your thoughts quiet down is for me an honor as well as a confirmation that I’ve ‘stolen’ yet another ‘aha moment’ from an absolutely ‘silent’ world.

Isn’t it baffling that we, as supposed dwellers and masters of this universe that quietly, silently births, grows, dies, and rebirths again, strive so hard to find that which should come to us as naturally as a rose buds and blooms and then, painlessly sheds its petals and dissipates its fragrance yet wait to die and be born again?

Agony seems innate in us, isn’t it? Even our heartbeat or its dual action is called ‘agonist’(contracting) and ‘antagonist’(relaxing). Stretching the nuance of these terms, then, we seem to tread a path to bliss that is littered with globules of pain. But as we are more than our bodies and our senses, we, too, often grow wings and silently fly.

Winging off that’s what we are, I guess, in a haiku or poetic moment or in a moment that has quieted down as you have described that in which you are as you wrote the above comment. Take heart, dear friend. As the lake mirrors the sky with its myriad moods, so does it reflect your spirit.

The key to understanding this fleeting nature we perceive, I guess, is in our constant desire to find the lake serene. Or in our acceptance that we are hopelessly wandering like bedouins of the spirit who often turn into thieves of ‘aha moments.’ And haven’t we, don’t we?

on the lake

the geese float toward the sun

leaving the sun on the lake


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