for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

end of the street-haiku

I’m adding $800 as my ‘jornal’ to an otherwise dry summer day yesterday but for these haiku sparks.


at the end of the street

in the fading summer light–

she and her dog


a crackle

in the dry summer wind–

choked with tears

July 6, 2009 - Posted by | haiku, poetry | , ,


  1. The first haiku is less haiku and more description. It is very gentle and luminous but doesn’t feel as compelling as some of your others.

    The second haiku is very suggestive.

    I think to myself: Why does the crackling choke her with tears? Is it fire? Is it autumn that saddens her? I wonder what it is…

    : )


    Comment by upinvermont | July 8, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks so much again, Patrick! I like how the first haiku brushes you gently. ‘Luminous’, indeed, is exactly how I saw the figure, a quiet fading away of the light, often also of life.

      The crackle of branches? I don’t know why it reminded of ‘choked tears’. Perhaps it is the ‘dry summer wind’ that suggests a mild drought–a blend of hope and despair.

      Longing could be there yet for what reason? We all have a number of mysterious reasons for our longings. Too, our tears sometimes well up unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, or so we think–in this haiku it could be because of somebody’s dryness of heart, the thought of which threatens to burst into a crackle of sobs.

      Please do keep on encouraging me to keep on.


      Comment by alee9 | July 9, 2009 | Reply

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