for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.


How much can I possibly give my own self a jornal for this priceless rediscovery of the dialect–one of 87 but among the five major dialects in the Philippines–I was born with it but lost from lack of usage when I was in my teens? Nobody can imagine my endless exhilaration everytime a poem leaps off my breast: the sound of each word, the image it conjures, the spirit around which an old or new world unravels are beyond … words. It’s priceless! If you could, this time, would you please pay me a jornal for it?


batbato inta
sabsabong ti sardam

on the riverbank
dawn flowers 


daluyon iti
tengga’t aldaw
arasaas mo

at high tide
your whispers 


bulan nga
nagpakada kadi?

setting moon
in the east
did you say goodbye? 


a pagay
tedted ti lulua

pulled strands
of rice grain
tear drops


dagiti bulbulong
nga agtataray
lenned diay laud

of leaves
sun set

Alegria Imperial at LYNX XXIV 1 February 2009 /also PoemShape/and bilingual pen/and


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