for a moment of joy or moments no one pays for, i give myself a ‘jornal’. this makes me rich. try it.

cherry blossoms and haiku

How can’t I not pay myself a ‘jornal’ of $1000 for the beauty of cherry blossoms? I’m sure you agree.

I used to live half of the year in Baltimore. A trip to Washington, yes, at the Jefferson Memorial and the Mall was like a ritual for me and the friend I stayed with. 

But the very first cherry blossoms I’ve seen and I thought it a miracle was at Washington Square by New York University in Manhattan; we then lived a block away on Cooper Square. And later an even more breath-snagging burst of blossoms on a day the sun descended at its tenderest happened at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Of all the spring blossoms, indeed, that of the cherry tree draws the most awe. How can’t a cloud of pink not make one think of a state or place other than this brown earth. Even just being under the shade transforms us a bit like we seem to grow haloes.

My memories of walking under canopies of cherry blossoms in Washington and Baltimore on Riverside had endured and even inspired me to write haiku–as well around the blossoms hundreds of haiku have been written.

Now that I live in Vancouver, another cherry blossom city, my awe may never cease. I would like to share this haiku I wrote after a walk on Riverside in Baltimore.


cherry tree
shedding off petals at dusk—
moths in flight

Copyright © 2007 by Alegria Imperial
Honorable Mention, 2007 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational


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I wrote this poem during one of those moments when feelings and reality crunch into images that in turn transform into words. It’s a favorite among those who have read it where I posted it a few months ago. Because readers like it, I give myself a ‘jornal’ of another $800.



crystal drops said to ease

a heart dammed with regrets

bitter drops known as balm

for a seared spirit no kiss

could soothe could heal

salty drips on lips

cracked with sadness

the dryness of a drought

absence of rain

has not caused

droplets but not dew

in the morning

a spark to tease

a blinded heart


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desert nights

wind tracks to follow

the sputtering light


So rare, a haiku moment thus I’m writing myself a check of $800 as my “jornal”.

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flash fiction



braid on her shoulder

touching the mound

of her breast–

she picks from tousled sheets

loose hair not hers




Because of the many hidden meanings and an untold story, I give myself a ‘jornal’ of $300 for this flash of images. 

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I like this poem, its rhythm or just the sound of it when I read or recite it. It’s one of those for which I’d write myself a check of $1,000 for my “jornal”. What do you think?


now’s a sound, a


in space a rhythmic


       a phantom hand

scythe upright

in greed

cutting in swaths

—its mode a sharp embrace:

no sweetness



now’s a push but no

sudden one, instead a


in the skull

a stabbing      not for blood

but eternal

jiggling swaggering

a relentless dribbling

of words and water to whet

though never—

that’s how it feeds


a pattern scissoring

now is

a space splitting blankness

into ‘then’

and ‘later ‘    bulking up

with what’s decayed

one row what’s nothing

     the other

only now knows


a pulse but not

the kind     on which

life hangs

now’s a beat that

threatens a breath

this fragile silk

now snaps in two

once the known       now

the unknown


© Copyright 2007 by Alegria Imperial/Published in poetslane,

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against a grey sky–

the sparkle of raindrops

on leafless maple twigs


My “jornal”? $200 for my pocket.

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